Don't Feel Pressure


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DzejPi I absolutely don't understand how this album can be this unknown. I absolutely love it. It's very electronic, artist is not afraid to experiment and it sounds awesome in the end! I think that the best songs are Don't Feel Pressure, Let it Beat, 5QU33D13 ROX! and Feel Pressure, so be sure to check them! Songs have great variety and original sound. There is even singing. This album is definitely worth checking out and supporting, Sequencer is very talented guy and I feel he needs more love! Favorite track: 5QU33D13 ROX! (feat. E. Burgess).
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Don't panic the album is FREE! Donations accepted if you want to. :)

This album was an effort to create House music and to specifically show that electronic music doesn't have to be so mechanical. Straying away from my typical High-Energy and Trance style music, you will hear funky bass-lines, melodic and sailing leads as well as swirling atmospheres!

Thank you, to all the people places and things especially synthesizers that made this album possible.

Don't Feel Pressure,



released March 16, 2012




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SEQUENCER Nashville, Tennessee

I am a home studio Electronic music producer who loves synthesizers. Since I was 15 I have used music to try and capture my life in a permanent form. To me, a sound is a memory or a place in time I wont forget.

It is always amazing what synths and computers can do, making sounds that can't exist naturally, like disobeying nature... or recreating it to the way I want to express it.
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Track Name: Don't Feel Pressure (Ext. Party Mx. feat D.M. & D. Koci)
If you like it real we can do it real, don't feel pressure, do what you feel.

If you like it real we can keep it real, don't feel pressure, do what you feel.
Track Name: Let it Beat (feat. E. Lafever)
If I was in love I'd blame you, you pull me in you pull me to you, I look into your eyes one green and one blue it, feels like a mirror I stare into.

It feels so sweet we're touching feet, my heart's beside yours, let it beat. But I cant deny, the way that I sigh, when I'm around you I get high.

Each time, I look around I think I've found you. If I Though it would be enough I'd say,I love you.
I love you. I love you. I love you.

As I lay with my head in your lap, Comrado. What I confess to you I resume what I said in the open air I resume.
What I confess to you I resume what I said in the open air I resume.
Track Name: Melting Feeling
Do you ever get that feeling, a certain melting feeling, just like you're dying inside?

Don't be confused as to how that this could happen right now. It's ok to be hurt.
Track Name: Feel Pressure
Feel Pressure.
Track Name: 5QU33D13 ROX! (feat. E. Burgess)
All the boys just make me cry.
Track Name: Anyone (feat J. Kennedy)
I hadn't had the privilege of being a stationary body until more recently in my life.

My mind is still wandering.